You have the option to receive a discount on your registration if
you commit to fundraising. All donations go to our friends at
Sutter Institute for Health and Healing to help people with a
cancer diagnosis. The fundraising requirement is $150. This
applies to all distances. This page is for those of you with
a registration that requires fundraising.
How It Works
Fundraising with us is easy. We encourage you to raise as much
as you can though. Remember: all the money you raise will help
someone who recently has discovered that they have cancer.
To get started, register. When you register, the registration system
will create a fundraising account for you and you will be invited
to create and customize your fundraiser. Through this account you
can do all the posting to social media and email to your friends
necessary to meet your fundraising needs.
Can I just donate the amount myself?
Yes, you can donate your entire fundraising requirement yourself.
Here's a reason not to though: you raising money and telling the story
about helping cancer patients is important. The more people that know
about the work the better.​
What happens if I don't do my fundraising, or don't meet my goal?
If you don't do your fundraising, or just meet part of your requirement, 
you'll be required to make up the difference when you pickup your race
packet. No exceptions.
Can you help me with some ideas?
Sure! We have put together a downloadable Fundraising Guide 
with ideas and sample letters and emails for fundraising. Let 
us know what works for you. Also, take advantage of some of our 
community tools, such as our group on Facebook to connect with
other athletes and hear what works for them.
Where does the money go?
You donations go to the Sutter Health Institute for Health and Healing. While there is a fee charged by the fundraising system at Race Roster, we have worked with them to keep the transaction fee low (5%) and the donor can absorb those fees in their donation.
Impact Stories & Quotes

Here are some short quotes from patients who have received SWT Grants from the Institute for Health & Healing. You will be helping people like these!


Thank you for the continued support of my healing and the healing of so many more.  You are a bright light in my world. - Nichole


I want to extend my extreme gratitude for your generosity and care for those of us dancing on this journey with the unknown.  You have made my dance a little lighter. - Lynn


To the staff of Sutter IHH – You have been an inspiration in my life.  You have lifted my life up so much and I have learned so much! Thank you for showing me what is necessary for my body to continue to heal on this journey!  - Jane


Thank you so much for the uplifting and healing help I received from IHH.  The loving support gave me the opportunity to see what I really needed to complete my recovery. - Margaret


Estoy muy agradecida con el tratamiento que Jo me ha dado – a todos, gracias. - Violeta


Download our Fundraising Guide for ideas, sample letters, stories and more.

You will be invited to create and customize your fundraiser after you register.