Updated December 10, 2019



Our races start on July 13 at 7am and as are true to the Sprint and Olympic distances as possible. MAPS are published here with elevation data, with turn-by-turn documents. Both our maps and turn-by-turn documents link to actual maps that were created in Gmap Pedometer.


The distances for each event are:


    Olympic Distance - Swim: .93mi (1.5km); Bike: 25.5mi (41km); Run: 6.2mi (10km)

    Olympic Relay - Swim: .93mi (1.5km); Bike: 25.5mi (41km); Run: 6.2mi (10km)

    Sprint Distance - Swim: .5mi (750m); Bike: 12.4mi (20km); Run: 3.1mi (5km)


The swim takes place on a looped course that starts on the beach at Memorial Beach and swims towards the town of Healdsburg. The Olympic race will complete a larger loop and the Sprint will complete one smaller loop. The course will be buoyed and supported by kayak and paddleboard. While this is a river, the current is light and very friendly to first-time athletes. The water temperature is in the high-70's to the low 80's.


All bike courses are out-and-back routes that leave Memorial Beach into the Redwood Highway, then ride out and back on Eastside Road through beautiful vineyard country. The Sprint Course turns around at Riverfront Park. The Olympic proceeds from Eastside Road to Westside Road to a turn around at the intersection with River Road. The terrain for both rides is rolling.


All run courses follow out-and-back courses on Bellaiche Road. Runners leave transition turning right onto Redwood Highway, then take the first left onto Bellaiche. The terrain for the sprint/5k is flat. For the Olympic/10k, the middle 3 miles is rolling.


Athletes can tour the course the day before. Transition setup starts at 5am. The start, transition and finish all take place at Veterans Memorial Beach in Healdsburg, as does the parking, so once you're here, you're ready to go!


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