Updated 6/3/2021
Here's a first look at the maps. Click on the maps to see interactive versions of the course in GMap Pedometer. You can also download this pdf of the maps and turn-by-turn instructions.
There are also Google Earth Virtual Tours of the Olympic and Sprint routes.
The transition area is on the blacktop of the Healdsburg Community Center 1557 Healdsburg Avenue. The run entrance/exit is to the south of the transition. The bike entrance exit is on the east side. 
The runs start on the ballfield and head out the Healdsburg Community Center. The 10k runs down Healdsburg Avenue to a turn around before Lytton Springs Road, then returns to do the 5k route. The 5k route turns on Chiquita immediately on leaving the Community Center, then does an out-and-back on Chiquita Road and also on Grove Ave before returning. Both races lap the ballfield and then enter transition. The 10k altitude profile is 131ft.
Later in the day, the 2.5 run that finishes the Sprint does and out-and-back on Chiquita only. The Olympic 5k starts with a lap of the ballfield and ends at the finish. (click maps for an interactive map.)
                                                                                                                                   2.5k course
                                                            5k course     
           10k course
Both races leave Healdburg Community Center to the right down Healdsburg Avenuenue are out and back routes on Dry Creek Road (beautiful!). The Sprint turns at Chateau Diana on Dry Creek Road. The Olympic goes out-and-back on Canyon, then proceeds to the Lake Sonoma Visitor Center. The Olympic returns to Healdsburg directly, without another trip up Canyon. (click maps for an interactive map.) The altitude profile for the Olympic is 328ft.
SWT Sprint bike.png
SWT Oly ride.png
SWT 5k.png
SWT 25k.png
SWT 21 tranisition plan.png