Updated 6/27/2019
Each of these maps links to a GMap Pedometer map for greater detail. Just click on the image to go to the interactive map. (Not included for swim.)
Turn-by-turn documents are PDF documents that also have maps that link to the online version for greater detail, and elevation profiles. Click on 'Maps, Elevation Profile, Turn-by-turn' to get the document.
Swim Courses
Sprint                                                           Olympic
Bike Courses
Sprint Bike Course - 161ft elevation      Olympic Bike Course  - 210ft elevation
(map, elevation, turn-by-turn)               (map, elevation profile, turn-by-turn)



Run Courses








Sprint 5k Run - 113ft elevation                Olympic 10k Run -  309ft elevation               

(tmap, elevation profile, turn-by-turn)    (map, elevation profile, turn-by-turn)












SWT 2019 Oly bike.jpg
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