Athlete Info

updated December 27, 2021
Check back to this page often. We will be adding more information as we get closer to race day!
Time to Compete - for yourself and for others

Running for the first time in May at Lake Berryessa in Napa, Sonoma Women's Tri is your chance to compete in a great Olympic or Sprint distance triathlon. As our name suggests, this is a women's race and we seek to create a supportive environment and a challenging race.

Why Lake Berryessa? Due to the current drought conditions, we can not guarantee that the swim venue at Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach will be available. This new location and proven course sets up the race for years to come.

Why May? Lake Berryessa is only available to us at certain times of the year because of the needs of boaters and others that use the Putah Campground boat ramp. It's a great time of year to race!


Registration opens on December 27, 2021through May 3 at midnight. The 2022 registration fees vary depending on when you register and whether you choose to fundraise. For the Sprint the fees are $125 - $165. For the Olympic, $165 - $210. 

Are there age restrictions?
Because of our USAT sanctioning, Sonoma Women's Tri is open to women athletes 18 years and older. 
Pre-Race & Race Day 

New schedule to come, including pre-race meeting options by Zoom.

Course Details & Maps

Maps of the run and bike maps will be available under 'Athlete Info' in the coming days. 


Come to Napa! We recommend you use Google Maps. Click here and enter where you're coming from for directions.